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Royal Flowers Holland

Based in Holland, the world’s largest flower hub, Royal Flowers Holland imports and distributes throughout Europe, Russia, and Asia.

For decades, Holland has been the flower port of the world. Therefore, Royal Flowers Holland has strategically established itself adjacent to one of the biggest flower auctions in the Netherlands at Trade Parc Westland.

Along with the ability to purchase from the Dutch flower auction, Royal Flowers Holland prides itself on importing the best quality cut flowers and fillers from South and Central America. Our suppliers are individually and carefully selected to match the quality of our very own rose producing farms in Ecuador. With direct flights daily to Amsterdam, we guarantee that you will receive fresh flowers every day of the week.

Created to serve clients based on our Total Quality concept, Royal Flowers Holland has the ability to make sales FOB (point of origin direct from the farm), CIF sales (delivered at clients’ airport of choice), CIF Westland (Naaldwijk, Holland) or door to door (Europe). Strict quality and packaging control in compliance with the strictest of European quality standards are utilized in every phase of handling.

Our highly trained, multi-lingual sales staff helps clients take advantage of our global network. This results in a simpler, faster buying experience of flowers unsurpassed in quality, directly from the source.